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Producer Manager

Producer Manager automates producer sales authorization to reduce the risk of errors, violations, and carrier non-payment.


Improve the speed and efficiency of producer sales authorizations.

Producer Manager™, now featuring Producer Sales Authorization to monitors sales activities and determine the producer’s authorization status in real-time by comparing the product type (complying with ACORD standards), state, underwriting company, and sales event with an up-to-date rules engine.


Automating producer sales authorization virtually eliminates manual intervention of routine tasks and ensures that processes are handled correctly every time, even by temporary staff or new employees, reducing the risk of errors, violations, and carrier non-payment. With Producer Manager, an authorization request triggers a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response, ensuring licensing specialists can proactively ensure the sales event continues with minimal interruption.

With Producer Manager automating your producer credential management, you can:
  • Streamline and automate processes using a sophisticated rules engine based on your business rules and the most up-to-date requirements in all 50 states.
  • Save money on appointments by storing, tracking, and organizing data into reports that give you exactly the information you need — enabling you to spend the money appointing and renewing only those agents who need it.
  • Instantly determine which of your agents is authorized to sell what products, in which state, for which carrier.
  • Automatically update your producer’s records to reflect compliance with continuing education requirements.
  • Save time and eliminate manual data entry by automating agent data synchronizations with the National Producer Database (PDB).
  • Leverage trusted PDB data to feed downstream systems and eliminate manual data entry via One-click Compliance™.
  • Connect with other in-house systems and eliminate manual data entry.

“Producer Manager has improved our efficiencies in bringing on new agents and keeping compliant by getting new agents into our systems faster and making sure the information remains current.”

Producer Manager customer  

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