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Making an impact with your career is important.
At Vertafore, your impact starts day one.

As an intern at Vertafore you will work for a cutting-edge software company. Your projects will be hands-on and customer-facing. Joining Vertafore will allow you to collaborate and work with some of the industry’s finest. Our internships provide:

  • Meaningful Work – See your project through to the end
  • Mentorship – A Manager and Buddy assigned to help you reach your goals
  • Fun Social Activities – Get to know our culture and your peers

Meet our University Recruiters

“This is who we are, this is Vertafore, and this is a great way to start your career.”

Internship Opportunities

2016 Software Development Internship - Bothell

2016 Software Development Internship - Atlanta

2016 Software Development Internship - East Lansing

Impact in Action

Check out the amazing things our interns have accomplished.

NARABagency_PLM Blog

Intern, Summer 2014
Software Development – Mobile Services

It has been almost a month and a half since I joined the Mobility Team, I have been involved in a lot of different mobile projects for iOS and Android phones. From reviving old projects to researching and creating new projects like implementing an Android wear proof of concept. The purpose of that project was to demonstrate the communication abilities between wearables and other tablets and phones. I have learned a lot about mobile and wearable devices through the research and development process as I read through varies documentations and other wearable projects. After I built the application I had the chance of being part of various demos to Managers including our CEO Alex Lintner, which was a valuable experience to see and learn from the presentations.

NARABagency_PLM Blog

Intern, Summer 2014
Software Development – AMS360

Interning at Vertafore has been a great avenue of knowledge, motivation, opportunities, and enjoyment. As an intern, I learned and played the role of a full time software developer; I expanded my knowledge on programming and software development methods and got to interact with members not just limited to my team. In the process, I got to know various aspects about the company within and outside the scope of my job responsibilities. Vertafore also has a love for fun, and employees always have the chance to get to know one another through different social activities. Working in the motivational and friendly atmosphere of Vertafore is a wonderful experience that I would recommend to all potential interns!

NARABagency_PLM Blog

Intern, Summer 2014
Software Development Intern – Client Portal

I’ve been with Vertafore for about six weeks now, and I am really enjoying my time with the company. As a development intern, I get a lot of hands-on experience with the codebase and I am learning a lot of valuable lessons from my mentor, manager, and teammates. Communication is always very transparent, making it easier for me to understand why decisions are made, and I’m always treated like an equal rather than “just an intern.” The experience I’ve gained here is invaluable and I feel like it’s really helping to prepare me for a future in software development.

NARABagency_PLM Blog

Intern, Summer 2014
Finance Intern – Order Management

I walked into Vertafore one month ago not knowing what to expect. What I found was a generous, kind, and helpful community of employees that care about the development of my career. Being given the freedom to steer my internship in the directions I desire, I have learned more than I believed possible in this short time. Seeing different perspectives of my field of study, Finance, and applying my technical skills in new ways to help make decisions and solve real world problems has been a truly invaluable experience.